Brain Science of Law of Attraction e-Book

Manifest with the Brain in Mind

Understand the missing link to manifesting your desires using the Law of Attraction...Brain Science

Learn the missing link to manifesting your vision...brain science.

Chapter 1: Why You Haven’t Been Getting Results
Chapter 2: Your Conscious & Subconscious Mind
Chapter 3: What’s The Brain Got To Do With The Law Of Attraction?
Chapter 4: Your Brain Is a Magnetic Field Like The Earth
Chapter 5: How to Get Your Brain To Resonate Thoughts And Emotions To Resonate At The Right Frequencies To Attract
Chapter 6: How Fear, Negativity, and Positivity Emotions Affect Our Brain Frequencies
Chapter 7: How to Rewire Our Brains For Optimal Attraction With Positivity, Mind-Set Shift, & Visualization
Chapter 8: What’s Next? & Conclusion

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